Grade Papers Faster!

We’ve all been there….. There is a stack of papers in front of you that need to be graded.  You keep asking yourself, how could I grade this faster and give constructive useful feedback?  Now there is a way!   With the paper grader 3000!  Alright….that’s not the name.  The name is whatever you want it to be.  The only thing you need is google docs.

I have created 3 videos to show you how to build a form that emails students with their grade and feedback you have to give them using google docs.  Enjoy!




  1. Josh

    Love it. Do you have any suggestions of how to have this also put grades into a grade book that would have a progress report feature too ? 🙂

  2. Joanne

    I loved the first two videos. There seems to be a problem with video 3 – the picture and the audio do not match.

  3. Caleb

    Great work, but the video for #3 is the same as #2, with new audio. Not sure if that is just me or if something got mixed up in your production.

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